Contributing To A Better Society & Environment A Corporate Partner with Society


Corporate Ethics & Social Responsibility

The Sumitomo Spirit gives top priority to social credibility and corporate ethics is deeply instilled in all Sumitomo Electric Group companies, including SEWS-E.  The Sumitomo Electric Group Vision 2017 includes five core Corporate and Social Responsibility categories;

  1. Products and Services
  2. Supply chain
  3. Human resources
  4. Environmental preservation
  5. Social contribution


Sumitomo Electric established its first Corporate and Social Responsibility Committee in July 2004.  This committee includes managers of the departments with CSR related activities, including; Legal, Safety and Environment, Procurement, Logistics, Quality, Human Resources and Information Systems.  The Sumitomo Electric group initiatives continue to drive CSR activity in SEWS-E.



Social Responsibility Wheel

This Corporate Social Responsibility Wheel graphically represents SEWS’ commitment to corporate ethics and social responsibility within our company and with our customers, business partners, local communities, and the environment.