Proven Technologies, Superior products

There is power in a trusted brand. We at SEWS-E build our reputation on the values and ethics of this long established business.

With a turnover in excess of €1B and over 28,000 employees in Europe, SEWS-E are a part of Sumitomo Electric group and the Sumitomo family of companies. This 400 year old brand is synonymous with quality and reliability. In today’s automotive industry, SEWS-E products set the standard for excellence, while meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectation of quality, delivery and cost.

Delivering Technology and Innovation

SEWS-E works closely with our Japanese parents and sister companies, in developing state of the art materials, components, and technologies to help lead in our field.

The might of the Sumitomo Electric Group, ensures that capital investment in technological change, keeps us at the forefront of Automotive innovation.

Building on our Industrial Heritage

The Sumitomo business all started over 400 years ago with Japanese Copper Mining and smelting. Sumitomo were world leaders then and they remain so today.

Copper, still an important core element of today's products, is only one on a modern portfolio materials which we have pioneered.

Quality, Cost, Service & Delivery

Never losing sight of what's most important to our customers and shareholders....

Quality, Cost, Service and Delivery are the cornerstones of our business.