Vision, Mission and Core Values


To secure a long term future for all the stakeholders in our business by giving our customers such superior quality, service, technology and value, that we become the natural choice for electric and electronic distribution systems in the European automotive industry.


  •  Achieve customer delight by providing quality processes, products and services
  • Establish clear performance objectives
  • Encourage self development within a supportive environment
  • Recognise suppliers as an integral part of our business
  • Pro-actively innovate processes, products and services
  • Grow sales turnover greater than the market
  • Use Sumitomo’s global resources to assist in the mission delivery

Core Values

  • Dedication to customer delight and satisfaction
  • Recognition of the value of our employees
  • Culture of Integrity, dependability and mutual respect
  • Expectation of a high level of performance from our employees
  • Commitment to effective communication
  • Belief in team strength and effectiveness