The Sumitomo Spirit

The Sumitomo Spirit

The Sumitomo Spirit grew out of the guiding principles set out by Masatomo Sumitomo the founding father of the House of Sumitomo.  The Sumitomo Spirit has been passed down and elaborated through the generations in the form of our “Business Principles”.  Through the years beliefs and principles behind business decisions have been included.  Today the Sumitomo Spirit has become an amazing asset held and respected by all Sumitomo Group companies including SEWS-E.

Business Principles

Article 1.  Sumitomo shall achieve prosperity on solid foundation by placing prime importance on integrity and sound management in the conduct of its business.

Article 2.  Sumitomo’s business interest must always be in harmony with public interest; Sumitomo shall adapt to good times and bad times but will not pursue immoral business.

Traditional Beliefs and Principles

  • Attaching Importance to Technology.  Sumitomo’s original copper refining technique (nanban-buki) comprised the leading edge of smelting technology.
  • Respect for Human Resources.  Over the years, Sumitomo has established a corporate culture in which frank discussions are cherished and our human resources given the utmost importance.
  • Long-Range Planning.  This principle is derived Sumitomo’s experience in managing copper mines.
  • Mutual Prosperity, Respect for the Public Good.  Sumitomo business must benefit not only Sumitomo but also the wider society.