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Sumitomo Electric Industries

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Osaka HQ, Japan                                           Tokyo HQ, Japan

Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI), was formed in 1897 heralding the start of a new technological era.  Building on their already strong position in the copper industry it was logical that Sumitomo responded to the growing demand for Electrical conductors and wires.

Today SEI is a premier global company with a Capital valuation of 100 billion yen ($831 million), Sales of almost 3,000 billion yen ($23.5 billion),
Employing 241,000 people worldwide,  in the following strategic market sectors :


  • Sumitomo Wiring Systems – Design and manufacture of Electrical Distribution Systems and Electronics
  • Auto Networks Technologies – Research and Development company for Automotive products
  • Sumitomo Rubber (DUNLOP) – Tyres
  • Sumitomo Riko – Anti-vibration rubber components

Information and Communications, Electronics, Electric Wire & Cable, Energy, Industrial Materials