Wire Harness Manufacturing

Wiring Harness

Did you know that automobiles today have a thousand or more connection points for circuits and wires? The central challenge of wiring harness technology lies in designing cost-effective techniques for rapidly and accurately assembling these connections.

Developing new technologies and understanding efficient design principles have enabled SEWS-E to design, develop, and manufacture products the automotive industry wants. SEWS-E is an automobile maker’s one-stop-shop for electrical distribution systems, not just components and parts. First, we listen to our customers. We take the time to understand their vision, requirements and specifications – cost, size, performance, quality, and time to market. Then, we use our research and engineering know-how to develop solutions that are not only innovative, but also affordable. Most importantly, we draw upon our systems expertise to streamline the entire product development process, from concept to prototype to manufacturing and delivery.

All of our automotive wire harness products are designed according to customer electrical and geometric requirements.  Experts at efficiently designing and configuring complex circuits, we create wiring harnesses that contribute to many new vehicle features which quickly become mainstream in the market place.

At our production facilities in Romania, Morocco and Egypt, a complex material procurement and inbound logistics process finally culminates in wire harness assembly.  The cable is first cut to the length and the correct terminals crimped on.  The cables are assembled and clamped together on lay-up boards according to the product design.  Automation in the wire-harness industry is increasing, however many processes such as passing wire through tube, fastening and taping necessitate manufacture by hand.  At this stage, harness protection, brackets and other components are added.

Electrical function is tested and the harnesses are packed ready for transportation to our customer distribution centres.  At the customer distribution centre, SEWS-E our logistics team pick and deliver wire-harnesses according to the customer schedule.  These logistics processes are driven by our own SEWS-E Warehouse Management System (WMS) which enables us to offer a robust operation with flexibility in order to meet customer just-in-time and sequence delivery requirements.

Our Products

Superior technologies and product quality is what we offer.

It sets our product line apart from the competition. Our products include: Wiring Harnesses, Pipe Harnesses for Hybrid Vehicles, Electric Wire, Connectors, Terminals, Centre Panels, Junction Blocks, and Electronic Control Units.

Our Locations

In Europe, we have recently expanded our manufacturing base.  We now operate wire harness manufacturing plants in Romania, Morocco and Egypt.  From our manufacturing base we have established a supply system capable of fully supporting both Japanese and non-Japanese car manufacturers throughout Europe.