Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems [Europe] Ltd SEWS-E Products


Harnessing Technology that drives the world

In the production of wiring harness, cable, components and electronics SEWS–E is committed to zero product defects in design, performance, reliability and manufacture.

With a quality policy second to none, our products are backed by a full service supply network, which combines the most cost-effective materials and manufacturing , best design, high quality and low cost solutions.

The overall result is a multi-award winning products range and total customer satisfaction.

From single wires through to complex wiring harnesses, from simple connectors to state of the art electronics, Sumitomo products are used to the deliver quality and reliability of electrical systems around the globe.

Science, Art, Process and Commerce…

Here at Sumitomo we combine the science with the art, the process with the commerce to deliver products synonomous with ‘Quality’ and ‘Value’.


What it takes to make our Products

Bringing our products to market is much more than a design and build exercise…

To be a the Tier 1 automotive EDS supplier of choice, our expertise extends to all areas of the business:

Sumitomo are successful because we have invested in superior class-leading technologies and processes such as:

  • Design & Development
  • Quality
  • Supplier quality
  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Systems
  • Logistics
  • Commercial
  • Admin functions
  • …. and our PEOPLE