Harnessing Technology to Deliver Solutions Grommets


Harnessing Technology to Deliver Solutions

Connecting the Automobile’s Central Nervous System

What we do

Did you know that automobiles today have a thousand or more connection points for circuits and wires? The central challenge of wiring harness technology lies in designing cost-effective techniques for rapidly and accurately assembling these connections.

Developing new technologies and understanding efficient design principles have enabled Sumitomo Electric WiringSystems to design, develop, and manufacture products the automotive industry wants. SEWS is an automobile maker’s one-stop-shop for electrical distribution systems, not just components and parts. First, we listen to our customers. We take the time to understand their vision, requirements and specifications – cost, size, performance, quality, and time to market. Then, we use our research and engineering know-how to develop solutions that are not only innovative, but also affordable. Most importantly, we draw upon our systems expertise to streamline the entire product development process, from concept to prototype to manufacturing and delivery.



Our Products

Superior technologies and product quality is what we offer.

It sets our product line apart from the competition. Our products include: Wiring Harnesses, Pipe Harnesses for Hybrid Vehicles, Electric Wire, Connectors, Terminals, Center Panels, Junction Blocks, and Electronic Control Units.