Control and Manageability with Sumitomo Electronics


Advanced Electronics managing tomorrow's vehicles

Connecting the Automobile’s Central Nervous System

Traditionally just a means of transport, today’s vehicles  provide a whole raft of space age tools and gadgets including satellite navigation systems,  audio and other in car entertainment systems.   Our global organisation develops a wide variety of electronic components including; Electronic Control Units, Junction Box, Relay Box, Power Distribution and Heater Control Panel.

These electronic components now digitally control many vehicle function. Core use of electronics in vehicle systems, include the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, and steering, as vehicle technology races ahead. This results in miniaturisation of electrical components and circuits, all helping to reduce size and weight.

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Our Products

We offer superior technologies and product quality.

It sets our product line apart from the competition. Our products include: Wiring Harnesses, Pipe Harnesses for Hybrid Vehicles, Electric Wire, Connectors, Terminals, Center Panels, Junction Blocks, and Electronic Control Units.