Components Connecting the Automobile’s Central Nervous System


Car electronic devices are connected using automotive connectors.  Connectors are specifically designed for the automotive industry due to the inherent requirements; smaller, light weight, robust, provide direct connection and advanced performance.   Using our experience as an all-round automotive wiring harness manufacturer SEWS-E is able to design and manufacture connectors that achieve high levels of reliability.   Our aim is to satisfy customer demand for the optimum wiring system and layout, using as little space for wiring as is effectively possible.

Sumitomo Electric group  has designed connectors that function in environments with exposure to water, vibration and electromagnetic interference and extreme variations in temperature.   Furthermore we continue to develop connectors to meet the changing needs of the automotive industry, for example support for multimedia, USB, fibre and more.

Our sales staff are available to help understand requirements and select components according to specification, including; operating environment, electrical characteristics, mounting conditions, wire size and location.  Sumitomo Group publishes specifications for connector performance across its range, including instruction manuals for correct usage, handling and other precautions.