SEI Technical Review April 2017 – Flexible High-Voltage Cable for HEV/EV

The SEI TECHNICAL REVIEW is a journal of technical papers explaining the Sumitomo Electric Group’s technologies. Technical papers are available in PDF format from this webpage.

Excerpt from the April 2017 Review: Flexible High-Voltage Cable for HEV/EV

The advancement of hybrid electric vehicle/electric vehicle technology has led to an increase in the size of high-voltage cables used as power cables, and accordingly their flexibility is strongly  required for easy handling. Our flexibility simulation revealed that the elastic modulus of an insulator contributes to the cable flexibility more than the structure of a conductor. We found that polyolefin polymers are ideal insulation base-resins because the softness of polyolefin can be controlled by the ratio of the crystal region and amorphous region, which changes with the amount of co-monomers. Using an anti-oxidant agent, flame retardant, and polymer cross-linking, we have developed a new flexible insulation material that meets JASO/ISO standard. Going forward, we will strengthen our product lineup of flexible cables.  … Read the full article here.