SEI Technical Review #83

The SEI TECHNICAL REVIEW is a journal of technical papers explaining the Sumitomo Electric Group’s technologies. Technical papers are available in PDF format from this webpage.

SEI Technical Review 83 includes the recently developed On-vehicle Compact and Lightweight Multi-channel Central Gateway Unit.  With the rising number of electronically controlled devices used in vehicles, the demand for ECUs (electronic control units) has been increased, and it is now required to configure an in-vehicle LAN (local area network) that connects multiple networks. In
the past, multistage networks were formed using a two-channel gateway ECU that connects two different networks, making vehicle communication design complicated. We developed a central gateway ECU that is equipped with six network interfaces to relay communication data between channels. This central gateway ECU secures the independence of respective systems,
resulting in a simple communication design even with many ECUs being connected. The central gateway ECU, the main ECU for the in-vehicle LAN, allows Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. to offer vehicle infrastructure systems in combination with wiring harnesses and junction boxes.

Also documented in the October 2016 Technical Review are two other new products designed specifically for the automotive industry: Power Cable for Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Under-Floor Pipe Harness for Hybrid Electric Vehicles.