Honda Supplier Quality Circle Convention

On Saturday 23rd April 2016, HUM’s Innovation Expo event took place, this included HUM’s NHC, Techfest and of course the SQCC. 30 supplier teams and a total of 160 delegates represented their companies at the event.

The feedback from the judges was very positive. All the teams represented themselves and their companies in a positive and enthusiastic manner, the standard of the projects were extremely high demonstrating continuous improvement year on year. Therefore it was extremely difficult to identify the finalist from each of the 3 rooms.

SEWS-E has historically been successful in this competition, presenting knowledge of analytical techniques to solving problems.

Four teams from SEWS have attended this convention;

•SEWS-R Doran – “High Efficiency” – Lost terminals
•SEWS-R Orastie “Does Size Matter” – Short branch reduction
•SEWS-R Alba “The Da Welding Code” – Wrong welded branch
•SEWS-EgPort Said “Cable Defect Fighters” – Reduce lump defect

Congratulations to SEWS-R Doran in achieving 3rd place in Honda annual Supplier Quality Circle Convention 2016 (it is the second time SEWS-E Doran achieve 3rd place).

The 2016 Innovation Expo event has proven to be a great occasion to view HUM’s NHC, HUM’s Techfest and other suppliers Quality Circles.

This event is a great opportunity to showcase SEWS-E improvement activities, so please continue to develop and promote Quality Circles within our Manufacturing and support Sites, as next years’ event will soon be upon us.

Kind Regards, Estrela Pereira

Honda Quality Manager