Congratulations to Mr Tomoya Tamura

Congratulations to Mr Tomoya Tamura

SEWS-E would like to join all members throughout the Sumitomo Electric Group in congratulating our colleague Mr. Tomoya Tamura who represented Japan in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games Men’s 4 x 400 meter relay on August 20th 2016.  Mr. Tamura who is a member of the Sumitomo Electric Industries athletics club has an excellent record in men’s 400 meter races including second place in the 2014 intercollegiate athletic game in Japan and third place in the 99th Japan National Championships. He also competed in the 2015 World Championships in Athletics.  The Japanese 4×400 relay team finished in 13th position.

Sumitomo Electric Group Profile

To support our life and society, the Sumitomo Electric Group provides products and technologies in five segments.

  1. Automotive
  2. Electronics
  3. Industrial Materials
  4. Infocommunications
  5. Environment and Energy

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Sumitomo Electric – Aluminium Wire Harness

As the demand for the reduction of CO2 emissions from automobiles is ever increasing, lightweight wiring harnesses  have been in high demand. Effective weight reduction can be expected by replacing conventional copper electric wires  with aluminum electric wires. However, aluminum wires have several drawbacks such as low electrical conductivity, low tensile strength, and poor workability, as well as a strong insulating oxide film on the surface and galvanic corrosion. To  solve these problems, we have developed an aluminum alloy conductor with improved electrical conductivity, tensile strength, and workability. We also developed a unique serration terminal structure that maintains low contact resistance and sufficient wire retention force even under a thick oxide layer. We also established an anti-corrosion technology that prevents galvanic corrosion by molding the crimped joint of the terminal.

This paper from Sumitomo Electric explains respective solutions in detail. More Information.
Keywords: aluminum wire, crimping, wiring harness, automobile, anti-corrosion.