To realise our business objectives, we must innovate. Innovation


We trade in a highly competitive automotive component market.  To succeed, we must continue to increase our productivity.  By implementing well known tools of operational excellence and using technology we continue to improve our productivity throughout the business.

We continue to generate new value and minimise our costs by focussing on production efficiency, product design, product value and supply chain management.  By incorporating energy and materials in our product design programme, we have reduced the use of non-renewable, hazardous, difficult to source and expensive materials.

The main aim of our continuous improvement culture is focused in reduced operating costs and improving processes.  Such a culture of innovation in manufacturing greatly enhances our ability to identify opportunities and adapt to change.  Our communication systems enable cross-functional teams from multiple locations to meet regularly to share ideas on specific projects.  Using the experience of these teams to build the kinds of skills, tools, management processes, metrics, values and information systems support our innovation culture.


SEWS-E understands that innovation is not going to happen in isolation.  To spur innovation, we promote the use of collaboration tools throughout the business, including with suppliers, customers and partner companies.  Such tools enable us to work real-time with customers on product development and design.