CSR in our Environment


Environmental activities include pursuit of efficient production and reduction of unnecessary use of resources and energy. 

The Sumitomo Electric group has developed its environmental policy based on its business philosophy, which forms the basis for its business management.  Our business leaders are guided by an environmental policy which places focus on the preservation of our global environment.

Initiatives in this area include efficient production, reduction of unnecessary resources and control of business travel.  Through reduction of enviromental impact we believe that we can contribute towards the prevention of global warming, reduce and recycle raw materials whilst preventing enviromental pollution.

We have focussed attention during product design work to the content of our raw materials.   SEWS-E has used computer based systems to ensure that all materials comply with the environmental legislation placed on automobile suppliers, by national and international standards, laws and regulations.


Environmental Risks Opportunities and Activities
Compiance violation Environmental audits conducted in all sites
Emissions of pollutants Regular assessment of facilities
Chemical contamination Control of chemicals within our factory environments
Global warming Energy saving activities to prevent global warming and reduce energy costs
Waste reduction Initatives to re-use and recycle
Chemical substances in products Continued to commitment to our product design and material selection
Environmentally concious products Promotion of our environmentally concious products