Achievement and Accreditations




Since establishment in Europe at the turn of the last century, SEWS-E have been proud winners of numerous customer achievement awards.

It comes as no surprise to us that our customers hold us in high esteem, they tell us so…. therefore this is not misplaced complacency, it is reflected by the trophies, certificates and awards that we are proud to have amassed already.

However, we are a forward-looking company, albeit extremely proud of all this past recognition and achievements from our world famous customers, our aim is to continue to delight them in the fields of Product Excellence, Quality, Cost Delivery and responsive support.

The award we covet most…………… is the NEXT ONE.


SEWS-E are accredited suppliers to the Automotive industry.

Our products, processes and business practices are under-pinned by our TS and IS accreditions, together with JSOX standards and world class business ethics.

SEWS-E………… Winning Together!